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Syncing between your Survey Dashboard and CXI
Syncing between your Survey Dashboard and CXI

Your close loop actions of marked complete and notes now sync to your CXI dashboard.

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Different teams have different ways of handling closed loop reporting for customer feedback. For customers that have some team members working in individual survey dashboards and not in CXInsight, the closed loop action that teammates take may not be easy visible.

Now, it's possible to sync notes and 'mark complete' status from individual survey dashboards into CXI. This helps individuals who oversee multiple survey efforts in CXI to visualize progress on closed loop actions happening at the survey project level.

It's also possible to add new comments and change the status of a feedback 'marked complete' from one synced inside CXI, but it's important to note that these changes do NOT sync back to the individual survey dashboards. CXI is your centralized source of truth when you choose to enable sync.

If you're an existing customer of CXI and do not yet have Closed Loop Actions on your account, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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