Customers on the Essential, Pro or Enterprise Plans* may invite teammates to access and manage their Wootric accounts.  

Here's how an account administrator or owner can invite a teammate to your account: 

1. Go to your Settings panel with the wheel icon in the top right hand corner of the page

2.  Then click Manage Users from the left side panel.
3.  Add the user email, and designate a permission level.  You can assign your users 3 different permissions levels, Admin, Read-Respond and Read-Only
4.  Important!  Click save to send the invitations

Note for pro and enterprise customers:  each Wootric project has its own distinct settings.  You can tell which project you are making edits to by the name on the account in the top right hand corner.  Permissions can be designated at the project level.

*Free accounts only have access to 1 user seat.

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