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Support Use Case: Analyze feedback by agent using Intercom webhooks
Support Use Case: Analyze feedback by agent using Intercom webhooks

In this article you'll learn about how to pass conversation attributes to Wootric when using Intercom Webhooks

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For starters, let's say you use Intercom to handle your customer support conversations. Ideally, you would like to send a survey any time an Intercom conversation is closed. You can achieve this by configuring your Intercom Webhooks with our Intercom Webhook integration available inside Wootric Settings -> Trigger Surveys -> Trigger surveys based on Intercom events.

Once you have a successful installation and survey data coming in you realize that you would like to know more about the support cases tied to those answered surveys. For example, who was the operator in charge of the conversation? What is the conversation ID (so you can look it up in Intercom)?

Having this data will allow you to create different data reports within Wootric, like how many cases a single operator has handled, or the metrics associated with an agent.

By creating these filters, you will be able to see these details with every response you receive:

The list of the data available that you can use to create segments and filters:

  • Conversation ID, created and closure dates.

  • User Intercom ID, external ID, name, email, and phone.

  • Agent name and email

For now, the Wootric team needs to create the configuration for you. Please reach out to us via Intercom if you are interested in getting more out of your Intercom Webhook setup!

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