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Customers that send email surveys through the platform (either via list upload, email API, or webhook) are able to view performance stats on those sends. We capture:

  • Total email send requests

  • Not Eligible - requests for users not 'eligible' for a survey (per sampling rules)

  • Emails sent (Total emails sent to those that were 'eligible' to receive a survey after sampling throttles)

  • Emails Delivered

  • Emails Bounced

  • Open Rate

  • Response Rate

Bounce lists are also downloadable for specific date ranges or email sends.

Note: Email stat data is available in the platform for a rolling 13-month window.

Viewing stats based on your method of send:

Different email send methods have slight differences in how to view stats most effectively. Sends can be either in bulk via CSV, or via our webhooks/API. Please find your method below to understand the best way to view your data:

Emails sent via CSV uploads/campaigns or email CSV API

  • View results by CSV name (recommended)

Customers sending emails from inside the platform UI via "Email Upload and Send" or via our CSV API will be able to view individual .csv campaign insights for any sends after October 20, 2022.

Choose the specific .csv name from the Source picker. You will not need to select a date range as the data will be scoped exactly to the .csv file sent.

Note: if you are not seeing your .csv file name listed here, it likely was sent before October 20, 2022. Please refer to the section below on viewing results by date range.

Reminder Sends: If you have automated reminder sends enabled on your account, in addition to aggregate stats you will also be able to view breakout stats for performance of your initial vs. reminder sends.

Initial send will display specific stats for the initial send only.

Reminder send stats recap the total sends from the Initial email send, responses received from that send, followed by the stats specific to the emails sent out as reminders. Response rates here are specific to the reminder send only.

Note: stats can be accessed two ways: by finding and choosing the CSV file name directly from within the email stats tab, or by drilling into the CSV name from the email history tab.

  • View results by date range (for CSV sends before October 20, 2022)

If you're not seeing the name of a CSV file listed here, then you likely have CSV sends from dates earlier than October 20, 2022. It is still possible to find aggregate stats on those sends based on date range alone.

Choose Source: All Emails, and then select your desired date range.

For customers who have infrequent (monthly/quarterly) sends, this method will still allow you to gather solid performance data on those sends. Best practice would be to select the date range from date of send right up to the date of your next send to encompass the most email-related events. However, if you have sent out multiple campaigns during a short period of time, we won't be able to surface the results of those individual sends. The results for these older sends will be aggregated across all files sent in your chosen date range.

Emails sent via webhook/email API (i.e. Salesforce, Zendesk, custom code)

Emails sent that are more ongoing/transactional typically use webhooks (i.e. Salesforce, Zendesk triggers) or our email API. These are not tracked as 'campaigns', so statistics do require a date range.

Select Source: All emails or choose the specific method (webhook, email API) from the pulldown list.

Choose your date range to view email send insights.

Note: Most customers use one method or the other, so All Emails should be sufficient. If your account has multiple methods in use, then you can drill more specifically into the source.

Note: due to the ongoing nature of sends via these methods, only aggregate stats are available at this time.


Why are some of my stats returning N/A?

Our email stats feature has certain new features that are only available for data/sends after October 20, 2022. If you are seeing N/A for specific stats, then this means the date range you have selected includes dates before October 20. In those cases, we return N/A for stats where our data set would be incomplete.

I have reminder sends turned on but I'm not seeing breakout stats.

Reminder send breakouts are only available for customers using .csv based sends (via list upload or email .csv API) where we can manage each send as a campaign. If you are using webhook triggers or our email API, we aren't able to display reminder send breakout stats at this time. Any reminder sends that go out would be captured and tabulated in aggregate as part of the overall date range selected to display stats.

Why don't I see my .csv file name on this list?

.csv sends that are older than October 20. 2022 are not available for specific reporting here. Please see the section above on "viewing results by date range (for CSV sends before October 20, 2022)"

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