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Email Send History

Track your recent and upcoming email sends

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Email send history is a tab in your account settings that summarizes all email sends completed via CSV in your account history. It can be accessed by navigating to Settings-->Email History (a sub-menu of Upload and Send Emails)

What do I see?

Once you've sent your first email CSV campaign through the platform, a brief summary of your send will be available for you to view in the Email Send History tab.

Here you'll see:

  • The name of the file

  • Status (Scheduled and Processed)

  • Date of send

  • Email of user who initiated the send

Scheduled sends

If you've scheduled a send for a future date you'll see that send with status *Scheduled*, as well as the date in the future when that send will go out.

Note: Once a send has been scheduled, it cannot be canceled.

Accessing email stats for a past send:

Once a send is complete, click on the dots menu to the left of the csv name to view summary email stats for the send, as well as download a list of bounced emails from that send.

Note: If your CSV was sent before October 20, 2022 when we released our email stats feature, you will not be able to access specific stats from this page. Please view the instructions in our email stats article on viewing results of CSV sends by date range.

How far back can I see details on my sends?

The interface can surface up to the 100 most recent sends.

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