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Start here! Options to implement surveys via Email
Start here! Options to implement surveys via Email
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Email surveys work best when they are deeply and seamlessly integrated into your existing tools and workflow. We offer a number of options for making this simple:

  1. Send via your preferred Email platform (Intercom, MailChimp, Marketo, etc) In this case, you manually send InMoment survey campaigns using our email templates. Choosing this option means that any controls over survey send timing, email delivery stats, who receives the survey are controlled by your email platform and not InMoment.

  2. Using our API.  By integrating with the API, you can have surveys sent automatically, tied to any event or touchpoint in your customer journey.

  3. Using Webhooks. Another approach is the use of our inbound webhooks, which may be used to trigger surveys based on activities in Salesforce objects, Intercom events or Zendesk cases for example.

  4. Upload a CSV file. This is a paid feature for customers who only utilize email surveys and wish to send campaign-style.

If the option to add Email Surveys does not appear in your Settings, please contact us.

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