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How do I send survey responses to Intercom?
How do I send survey responses to Intercom?
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Push survey responses into Intercom to enrich customer data, and trigger conversations by detractor, passive or promoter.

Integration setup is a snap!

1. Head into Settings in the upper-right corner of your dashboard.

2. Select Integrations and navigate to Send Data -> Send Data to Intercom

3. Connect your Intercom account

Once Intercom and InMoment are synced, responses will begin showing up in your Intercom.

There is an option to sync historical responses. If you don't select this, only the newest responses will begin showing in Intercom.


How do I leverage survey data in Intercom? Where will I see survey responses in Intercom? See examples and more in our Intercom App Store listing.

What if I'm not seeing Intercom fields show up?  
You need to have feedback flowing into InMoment for the fields to show up in Intercom.  

If you are having trouble connecting, contact us at 

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