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Managing Survey Opt-Outs and Email Unsubscribes
Managing Survey Opt-Outs and Email Unsubscribes

Learn how to manage opt-outs in Wootric. Understand email/SMS unsubscribe vs. in-app opt-out. Want it? Ask your support to enable it.

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This article explains the differences between "opt-out/unsubscribe" and "decline" in the context of email/SMS and in-app surveys, as well as how to manage these settings in the Wootric dashboard.

Already know you want to "Opt Out"? Request the feature here.

Opt-Out/Unsubscribe vs. Decline

Email/SMS Surveys

  • Unsubscribe: This term is specific to email and SMS surveys. But Wootric treats opted-out users the same as unsubscribed users. When unsubscribed, the users are permanently removed from receiving future surveys. This action is irreversible.
    * If you opted out a user from the Wootric dashboard, you can opt users back into taking surveys.

In-App Surveys (web and mobile)

  • Decline: When users "decline" an in-app survey, they are temporarily not shown the survey. This is not a permanent opt-out, and users may see future surveys unless manually opted out by an administrator.

  • User Opt-Out: In-app surveys offer an option for users to permanently opt-out directly from their survey. To permanently opt-out, users must select the "opt out" link in their survey and then confirm their choice on a new webpage that opens (seen below).

The Opt-Out confirmation page is only available in English at this time.

Managing Opt-Outs in the Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the Users tab in the Wootric dashboard to view a complete list of users.

  2. In the top right corner of the Users tab, use the dropdown menu to filter for users who are "Opted out of surveys".

  3. Identifying Opted-Out Users:

    1. If the user opted out themselves, the status will say “Surveys disabled by end user”

    2. If you've opted out, the user status will say "Opted Out".

Opting Out Users Manually

  • Manual Opt-Out: If you need to permanently opt-out users from in-app surveys, this must be done manually.

    • Go to the Users tab in the dashboard.

    • Select the users you wish to opt-out.

    • Manually change their survey settings to disable future surveys. Either from the Users page or the User Profile.

Survey Examples

In-app Web

iOS in-app

Android in-app

SMS and Email

These channels also have opt-out, but it looks like unsubscribe.

How do I get Opt Out?

Currently, this feature is not available in the Settings. If you'd like "Opt Out" in your surveys, please ask your Customer Support contact or request it from support here.

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