Having trouble with your Wootric Surveys app or with Wootric Inbox?

Follow the next steps If you are seeing a message in Intercom that says “Account not connected to Wootric” 

  • If you have any auto messages using the Wootric Messenger App, go ahead and pause them
  • Uninstall the Wootric app (You won’t delete any Wootric related data from your users)
  • Go to to your Wootric account settings panel (Make sure you are using the account you wish to connect to Intercom):

           - Go to Send Wootric Data -> Intercom and verify it’s uninstalled
           - Go to Trigger Surveys -> Intercom Messenger and verify it’s uninstalled

  • Once it’s uninstalled go back to the app store listing and install again
  • If you disabled any auto messages, go ahead and enable them
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