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Triggering and Targeting Surveys with

How to to set up in-app surveys using Segment events and attributes

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Written by Daniel Pitrowiski
Updated over a week ago customers can easily gather feedback at different customer journey points with our native Segment integration. Sending surveys after touchpoints in the customer lifecycle gives you the opportunity to gain insight into the entire customer experience. 

For example:

  • Send a CES survey after onboarding is complete

  • Send a CSAT survey after a support ticket is closed

  • Send an NPS survey 30 days prior to an account’s renewal date

All of this and more is possible without touching your code using our Targeted Sampling interface. Targeted sampling makes it possible to trigger based on Segment events (in segment track) , Segment attributes (in segment identify), and/or pages in your application (in segment page)

Targeted Sampling feature is available to customers on our Professional and Enterprise plans. Contact for more information. 

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