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Cohort segmentation for Intercom Messenger Surveys
Cohort segmentation for Intercom Messenger Surveys

An explanation of our cohort analysis feature for Intercom Messenger Surveys

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Now it's possible to segment your Intercom Messenger survey responses by the number of days that have passed since the signup date (in your platform) of the respondent until the day they answered an InMoment survey.

InMoment will automatically create a new segment called "age_at_survey_amount" that will hold the value of that period in time in the form of days.

This is useful if you want to view NPS, CSAT, or CES by cohort -- users whose age is similar but their signup date is different. Think of it as snapshots in time for your users at a given age such as "all users who are less than 8 days old" or "all users that are 8-14 days old."

This number will change on every occasion a user answers a survey since the time between signup and response date is always increasing.

This is what you'll see as a user attribute in the feedback view of your dashboard:

InMoment customers with advanced analytics can create cohort reports that show how metrics like NPS differ depending on how long contacts have been using your product. Here is an example:

If you are interested in having this feature reach out to us via Intercom.

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