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Integrating Wootric with InMoment XI Platform
Integrating Wootric with InMoment XI Platform
Written by Travis Alston
Updated over a week ago

Wootric is now a part of InMoment and XI Platform. Connect your survey data to XI to begin using the XI platform’s apps.

For example, you can use this process to use the Data Exploration feature in XI to do a deep dive into feedback.

Integration is easy! Do the following steps:

  1. Login to Wootric and go to Settings > All Integrations > Send data to XI

  2. Connect to XI

  3. Select an Account and a Program. The integration can only be established after you have access to your XI Account and Program. If you do not have access the Account and Program will not be available in the dropdown to select them.

  4. Click Save & Continue

  5. Your integration will be enabled after a short wait while the connection is established.

After all these steps are complete you will be able to access the response data from your Wootric surveys, that are integrated correctly, through the XI platform.

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