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Customer profiles that show you a user's entire history with Wootric

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Wootric's User Profiles let you see an individual's responses over time and all custom attributes or properties associated with that person.   The User Profiles show you how many times a user has responded to or declined a survey.  

The list of responses shown will include any tags that have been applied to the feedback and any notes your team has left on the feedback.

Finally, you can also "opt-out" a user that does not wish to receive a survey. 

The customer's company logo will also appear in the profile, if available.

Note: If you are surveying non-registered users/ web visitor, the user profile feature is not available. User profiles are only available for survey respondents who log into your website or app, or respond to an email or SMS survey.  

Here is a look at an example customer profile:

User Profiles are a premium feature available in our paid plans.

Contact us today to upgrade! 

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