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What are the three different tag types in CXInsight?
What are the three different tag types in CXInsight?

Three different tag types in CXInsight

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There are three different tag types in CXInsight: Smart Tags, Text Match Tags and Manual Tags.

Smart Tags

These are machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) powered tags automatically applied by our system for your product category aka vertical. These tags have lightening bolt icon next to them. Here is an example of Smart tag called "Feature Request" for SaaS category.

Smart tag example

These tags and sentiments on them are applied to your customer feedback automatically. For our advanced customers we can also create new Smart tags based on their specific data.

Text Match Tags

These tags as the name suggest are based on text match terms. You create these to identify themes that are specific to your use case. These tags have the letter "t" icon next to them. For example, if your platform has a feature to create new campaigns then you create a text search tag based on the search term campaign. Here is an example.

Here is more information on how to configure a text match tag in CXI..

Manual Tags

These tags are applied manually as you are browsing through your customer feedbacks and are so specific that neither a Smart Tag nor a Text Match tag is applicable. For example, you find that a feedback is really positive about your service and you want to mark these feedbacks as quotable feedbacks you could apply a manual tag called "Quotes" on them. Manual tags have Sticky Note icon next to them.

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