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Email survey response submission: Automatic vs. User validated
Email survey response submission: Automatic vs. User validated

If email bots have been a problem, require validated response.

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When sending email surveys, you have two options regarding when the response gets recorded in your Wootric dashboard. Choose the option that is right for you in Settings under Customize Email Template.

1. AUTOMATIC. Leave the Setting Enabled (by default it's on)

This setting is enabled by default, which means that as soon as the end-user clicks on a score in the email, the response gets submitted and becomes visible in the Wootric dashboard. From that point forward, the user might just close the browser tab and leave, but the response is already recorded so it won't get lost.

While this option increases the response rate, it's susceptible to Email Bots. Email Bots are automated tools offered by email providers that scan the email contents and click on every link to validate that it's not spam or malware.

When this option is enabled and an email bot scans a Wootric survey, the result is a response in your Wootric dashboard that has no feedback and a random score. Depending on your sampling settings, the end-user might then be allowed to respond to the survey or not. While you can manually invalidate those responses in your Wootric dashboard, this creates noise and might make your NPS report unreliable.

2. USER VALIDATED. Disable the Setting

Alternatively, you can disable that checkbox so that the response only gets recorded after a validated user action, like selecting a different score or clicking on the SEND button:

While this option results in reliable user feedback and NPS scores, it might also result in a lower response rate. This is because it won't record responses from users that click on a score on the email and then close the browser tab.

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