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You can tag responses for the purpose of filtering, sharing and performing trend analysis. With the ability to tag responses also comes a place to manage those tags: the Tags Tab!

Like all of the other tabs in the dashboard, you can filter the responses presented by the date selector in the top center of the page, and, if applicable, by the filters you've set up on the left side. Note, not everyone will have filters.

Tags can be both manually and automatically applied. To learn more about setting up tags visit the Feedback Tagging section of our help center

What does it all mean?

The Tags tab introduces some new statistics and presents some existing statistics in a new way. Let's go through them:

Tag Name

On the left, you'll see the name you've given the tag. You can filter tags alphabetically, by response count and by highest and lowest score.

Tag Percentage

This shows the percent of your responses that have been assigned this tag, in the time frame you have specified. The percentages will not add up to 100% as each response may have more than one tag.


This shows the number of responses associated with that this specific tag, in the time frame you have specified.


This shows the NPS of tag. This score is calculated using the tagged responses that were generated in the specified time frame.

NPS Trend

This is trend that the tag's NPS is following as compared to the NPS in the previous period  

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