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What is the Driver Picklist Display Language?
What is the Driver Picklist Display Language?

What does the Default Picklist language do?

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When you create a survey for the first time with a driver picklist, you'll be asked to enter your picklist display language default. This is the language your Picklist Answers property will appear as in your dashboard filter.

Note: Your default language can’t be changed later without help from Customer Support. Make sure it’s a language you and your team would like to continue to use.

Your default Driver Picklist Display language is used in three places.

  1. Picklist Answers Core Property. This filter groups the same answer, no matter what language someone gave it to you in, into the same default language you selected.

    For example, for the picklist answer "Price". If someone in French answers "Prix" and someone else in German answers "Preis", both get grouped into "Price" for your Picklist Answers filter. Making it easier to find the feedback no matter what language your survey gets answered in.

  2. Survey Picklist Choices table when you use more than (1) language. Your first column will always be your default language so it's easier to see all your translations.

  3. Customize Survey will always require any new picklist answer including a translation in your default language.

    In the example below you're adding a Spanish word and an English translation is also needed. This ensures that any survey you send out in any language can always appear in your filters as your default language.

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