What are Core Properties?

Core Properties include Survey Channel, Survey Name, Created At Date, Survey Language, and Response Age Cohort (Days), and Picklist Answers.

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Core Properties are automatically generated properties added to any new feedback you receive. They function like any other filter or property you already pass along already.

If you don't have Core Properties now, please reach out to support@wootric.com to learn about how to add them.

Let's learn about what those Core Properties are...

Survey Channel

Whatever channel your user answers a survey gets passed as a property for easy identification and filtering. This saves you from needing to manually add this in as a property you configure. The options we automatically send include:

  • web

  • mobile:ios

  • mobile:android

  • email:api

  • email:triggers

  • email:template

  • email:test

  • sms

  • intercom:messenger

  • link

* React Native Mobile would show as mobile:ios or mobile:android.

This is what you would see in your filter options:

Response Age Cohort (Days)

Response Age Cohort is calculated as the difference in days between Created At Date and the date of the response. This is useful when wanting to filter on cohorts of users that were at a specific age with you when they responded to the survey.

To learn more about how this property is calculated, we have a short article with an example of how it works.

This is what you would see in your filter options:

Created At Date

The Created At Date is what you pass to us as the date the user was created in your app. In other words, their sign-up date. If you do not pass us a date, the user will have no Created At Date.

Survey Language

We currently support 38 languages and counting. Whatever language your users answer the survey in will show up as a property/filter.

Survey Name

The Survey Name property captures the name you have given to your survey(s) when configuring your survey in "Customize Survey". If you have not given your survey a name, we will pass the default name of "Your default NPS survey" or "Your default CSAT survey". We highly recommend you customize your survey name! This is primarily useful when you have more than one survey running in a single channel that you'd like to distinguish easily, or if you're a/b testing the wording of one survey vs. another. You'll see it visible like this:

Picklist Answers

If you are using our driver picklist feature in your survey, we automatically create a core property with the answer choices from your picklist in the 'default language' that you choose for picklist answer reporting. This allows you to see an easy rollup of answers in one single reporting language when viewing responses across multiple languages. Read more about picklist properties here.

Core Properties FAQ/Troubleshooting:

  1. Can I change the values of core properties via API?

    No. Core properties are set in our system. Core properties cannot be updated or altered. If you have a different way you'd like to report on the information we're including out of the box, you can always choose to set up your own property.

  2. I am not seeing all my responses assigned with core properties when I filter.

    Since Core Properties are a newer feature sometime added to older active accounts, there may be some responses that don't have the Core Properties automatically assigned. If this is the case on your account, please reach out to support@wootric.com with your account token and submit a request to update your account.

  3. Do I have to use Core Properties?

    Nope! Just like any other property, you can choose to show/hide them from your dashboard and reporting

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