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Driver Picklist Properties

What properties are created automatically with the Driver Picklist

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If you've set up a driver picklist in your survey and started to receive responses, you may notice that you have new properties visible in your dashboard. We create two new properties automatically:

  • Original Picklist Array: This is visible in 'Your Properties'

  • Picklist Answers: This is visible in your 'Core Properties'

Let's take a look at each.

Original Picklist Array:

This property captures all the actual values in all the survey languages you have deployed. If you have picklist values in French and German, you will see French values here alongside the German ones. If you want to see the original value that was input by the customer in their native language, this will be the field to look at.

Picklist Answers

Picklist Answers is a rollup of all picklist answers into the one default display language that you chose when setting up your very first picklist. This is especially useful if you have multiple language surveys deployed and you'd like to see the aggregate reporting across languages with one click.

For example, imagine you have deployed a picklist in 3 different languages. One of the values in that picklist is "Documentation" translated across those languages. If your default display language is set to English, clicking on "Documentation" in the Picklist Answers property will show you all the responses across all languages where the respondent chose Documentation, regardless of the language they originally answered the survey in.

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