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How do I setup the Driver Picklist?

A walkthrough for setting up your Driver Picklist and what to expect as you get responses in your dashboard.

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What is the Driver Picklist used for?

The driver picklist gives you the option to add pre-set answers your users can select within a survey to give you context for their feedback. So now even if your user doesn't write any feedback, they can still let you know what they were thinking just by choosing from the list.

Driver Picklist Setup

  1. Go to Customize Survey > Step 2 and setup your first Picklist

  2. Select the option to "Include picklist answers" in either Unique by Score or Same for all respondents.

  3. Select a picklist dropdown and see the options available to you.

    You'll notice some picklist answers are already there. These are the default picklist answers already available to you. You can choose to use them or not. These same defaults are available in any survey language you use.

    If you'd like to use your own picklist answers then you can select "+ Add New Value" from the bottom of the dropdown to add your own.

  4. Add your own picklist answer with "+ Add New Value". Here you are limited to adding a picklist with a max of 25 characters. For any picklist you add yourself you can edit later.

    Note: If you change a picklist answer later after users have already taken your survey, only new surveys will show the new answer. All old surveys will show the original answer.

  5. Your picklist answers must be at least a minimum of 2 answers and 5 is the max.

  6. If this is your first time creating a survey, you'll be asked to enter your picklist display language default. This is the language your Picklist Answers property will appear as in your dashboard filter.

    Note: Your default language can’t be changed later without help from Customer Support. Make sure it’s a language you and your team would like to continue to use.

  7. After you've saved a survey with a picklist, a new page called Survey Picklist Choices will appear below Customize Survey. This is the page where you can do all your picklist editing and make sure the picklist answers you're using are exactly what you want.

    • + Add New Answer add new picklist answers here to put into your survey after.

    • Disable/Enable Answer lets you hide/show an answer from Customize Survey and the Survey Picklist Choices.

    • Edit Picklist Answer(s) allow you to edit any picklist answer you've added yourself. For any picklist answer that is default (e.g. Billing, Other, Onboarding), you can't edit those.

  8. When you edit a picklist answer it will open a panel where you can Edit, Disable or Save.

  9. Your survey and picklist are ready to send out when you're ready. All that's left is seeing them in your dashboard.

Where do I see my Driver Picklist in my dashboard?

Your Driver Picklist shows as new filters within your dashboard called: Picklist Answers.

If you want to see a picklist answer that may have been translated from another language, we also save the original answer in a new filter. This filter shows among your properties called: Original Picklist Answer.

For each feedback, you can also view what answer the user gave. If you hover on the user's email or unique id, all the properties of that feedback are shown. In this hover you'll see Picklist Answers and Original Picklist Answers.


Q: How do I see my Picklist?

You only see the Picklist if you've configured it within a survey before. If you don't see it at all with your account, try customizing a survey first and you'll find it listed under Step 2: Open-ended follow-up question.

If you've already set up a Picklist, you'll find all your Picklist answers shown in a table in the Survey Picklist Choices settings page.

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