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WhatsApp Surveys, CXI Close-loop, and Targeted Sampling Event Counting

Released Q1 2024

WhatsApp surveys

WhatsApp is an increasingly popular method for engaging with customers, especially in markets where SMS is more expensive or more regulated. Now it's possible to deliver a survey via What's App based on criteria you define.

WhatsApp is an enterprise feature -- please reach out to us to discuss pricing and implementation.

Read more about WhatsApp surveys here.

CXI - Close-Loop features

Now all the close-loop features you have in your Survey Dashboard are available (upon request) in your CXInsights dashboard.

  • Notes (that you can sync from your survey dashboard btw)

  • Mark Complete

  • Reply and Forward to your users.

Please let us know if you'd like this feature enabled for you!

Targeted Sampling - Event Counting (US region only)

Set an event to trigger your survey (event-based sampling)

You can trigger surveys for events that you pass us as part of your native Wootric installation or through Segment. Each trigger is limited to one event. Your Event name must be entered exactly, or the survey won't fire.

Advanced implementation: trigger after a particular count of an event

[enterprise US accounts only - please speak to your CSM about access to this feature]

Survey Name as a Core Property

The Survey Name property captures the name you have given to your survey(s) when configuring your survey in "Customize Survey". If you have not given your survey a name, we will pass the default name of "Your default NPS survey" or "Your default CSAT survey". We highly recommend you customize your survey name! This is primarily useful when you have more than one survey running in a single channel that you'd like to distinguish easily, or if you're a/b testing the wording of one survey vs. another. You'll see it visible like this:

Enhanced Targeted Sampling, WCAG and New Filter Types

Released Q1 2023

Enhancements to Targeted Sampling

  • Set up more sophisticated rules in a single target. New "contains" operator for property targeting. New AND/OR operators on property and URL targeting. Available now for all customers using targeted sampling. Check out updates to our help article for more detail.

Reporting - New Dashboard Filter Options

  • Filter more efficiently when you’d like to exclude values from your search. String properties with more than 10 unique values now will automatically show a filtering option for “IS/IS NOT”.

Accessibility - WCAG 2.1 compliance

  • All Wootric in-app surveys are now fully WCAG 2.1 AAA compliant. If your business is committed to accessibility, we are your partner in meeting these standards.

Dynamics Triggers, Email Stats and More

Released Q4 2022

Mobile SDK Surveys

  • New Flutter Wrapper. Wootric now fully supports Flutter for mobile survey deployment. The wrapper is officially maintained by us, and will receive ongoing updates as we release new features onto our mobile SDKs.

Microsoft Dynamics Triggers

  • Trigger surveys inside Microsoft Dynamics. Use Dynamics flow to set up any kind of workflow rules that should result in a survey send. Apply sampling rules and survey customizations as needed, including passing metadata from Dynamics along with the survey response.


  • Email Stats reporting. View email send disposition stats such as sends, opens, and bounces directly in the platform. Scope by date range, csv send, or email channel. Download bounce lists to help keep email campaigns clean and effective. Email stats are available for all customers sending emails through our system via API, list upload, or integration triggers. Stats are not available for sends we don’t control (i.e. downloaded email templates)

  • Historical Data Anonymization. A new opt-in feature that allows customers to have data older than 3 years be wiped of all information except for a historical score. This was designed to help those companies who would like to maintain visibility into their old score trends, but do not want any other information saved on historical responses. Contact us if you'd like this enabled on your account.

🎉 Big Release! Driver Picklist Question 🎉

Released Q3 2022

Driver Picklist release

  • Introducing a major platform enhancement: Now you can enhance your survey collection with an additional pick-list question to your Microsurvey to capture specific closed-ended feedback. Gain context on your score to augment or replace the open-ended feedback ask. Available in web, mobile, and email channels. Learn more here and contact us if you’re interested to enable this feature on your account.

Pull in review data from Apple and Google app reviews

  • Pull in review data from Apple and Google app reviews. Now, users of our Microsurvey and CXI platform can view app store reviews alongside their native surveys. See how your app is being talked about across channels where customers give feedback and for a more complete picture of app performance and improvement areas.

Core Properties Launch

Released Q2 2022

  • Set-up free filtering. See certain data as automatic filters in your dashboard without needing to do additional setup. Now, details like the end user’s age in your system, survey language, survey name, and survey channel will be automatically displayed as filters in the dashboard for instant insights. This feature applies to all new data in customer dashboards – if you’re an existing customer with a desire for this feature please contact us.

Email and Slack Routing by Properties, Heap Integration, Support for Property Arrays, and more

Released Q1 2022


  • Email - routing by properties

    • Send an email alert when a response comes in from an end user that has a specific property. Want your android team lead to get email alerts for android responses only? Or your Customer Success VP to only get enterprise customer feedback? Set up the alerts that you need for specific individuals based on feedback properties.

  • Heap Integration

    • Customers who use Heap can now set up surveys to fire based on specific heap events. Bring your product analytics and customer feedback signals in sync by asking the right questions based on your user’s activity signals in Heap.


  • Properties updates: support for Arrays.

    • We now support receiving arrays as end-user properties. This means that you can now visualize and select the individual elements in the array for filtering. Select one, select many to more easily slice and dice your feedback in ways that are useful to you. See updates to our documentation to learn how to set this up in your properties.

  • Properties updates: support for Zendesk Tags.

    • Users of our zendesk webhooks to trigger surveys from zendesk events can now send us zendesk tags as properties (in our new array format!) to use for data segmentation.

Major Updates to the Intercom Messenger App and Email Campaigns

Released Q4 2021


  • Intercom Messenger Survey Enhanced Support

    • Enterprise customers using our Intercom Messenger App are now able to set up, manage and send out multiple surveys at the same time, in multiple languages. Need your NPS survey running on an ongoing cadence, but also need a CSAT at conversation close? Have separate surveys running to your French customers and your German customers? No problem!

  • Intercom Messenger Conversation Close Surveys

    • Intercom now allows third-party partners to deliver surveys inside Messenger at conversation close. Choose your survey type, add our app to the conversation close bot settings in Intercom, and let the magic happen! Survey responses will automatically include the Agent Name, conversation ID, and URL to tie back to the chat.

  • Schedule email campaign sends

    • Email lists uploaded into our system via our "Upload and Send" feature can now be scheduled to send in the future. Just upload your CSV, and choose your date and time to complete the send. We’ll take care of the rest!

  • Enhanced Survey Personalization via Email CSV. While our email APIs and triggers have always supported complex language and dynamic variables, our email CSV capability was less sophisticated. Now we’ve fixed that! More complex surveys can now be sent via email CSV upload in your dashboard or by using our email survey CSV API. Add dynamic variables inside your survey question, configure your survey in many languages, and your users will get personalized surveys based on the data you provide in your CSV.


  • Email send history

    • Keep track of your email send history and future scheduled sends with the email history view. See a table view of the CSV name, date of send, and the user that initiated the send.

Recurring Surveys in Salesforce, send responses to XI, EU data center, and more

Released Q3 2021


  • Recurring Email Surveys in Salesforce

    • Always wanted your ongoing relationship survey sends to be set and forget from Salesforce? Now you can send and manage pulse email surveys based on lists or triggers in Salesforce . Surveys can be set up as drip campaigns, and our intelligent sampling can be used to ensure fatigue rules are in place for repeat survey cadences. Set up automation to remove users when they no longer should be surveyed. Available on our enterprise plans.


    • Now that Wootric is a part of InMoment, users of our microsurveys can take advantage of InMoment’s sophisticated experience improvement platform (XI). This integration brings your NPS, CSAT, and CES microsurvey responses into the InMoment XI platform for richer analysis, insights and follow-up. Reach out to sales or your Customer Success manager to learn more.


  • EU data center

    • We now offer an EU data center option for customers with specific data hosting requirements. Currently, we are only transitioning specific existing customers to this new data center, but if this is a critical requirement for your company, please contact to discuss broader availability.

Edit Segment & Filter Display, Service Now Integration, CXInsight API and More

March 5, 2021

  • Integrations

    • ServiceNow. Use ServiceNow events to trigger a microsurvey in web or mobile app, by SMS, or via email with or without use of Wootric’s eligibility engine. Surveys can automatically include metadata from ServiceNow fields with the response, as well as adjust to language requirements. Learn more.

    • Zendesk. If you are using an incoming webhook to trigger surveys from Zendesk, you can now add a delay to the survey send.

  • Surveys

    • It is now possible to install the in-app survey snippet using Electron. Here is the setup guide.

    • Surveys now support the Hebrew language.

  • Analytics

    • Analytics: Now you can manage the properties/attributes that are visualized in your survey dashboard. Use hide, show, and rename functions in Segments & Filters for cleaner data visualization in your dashboard.

  • CXInsight Advanced Analytics API

    • Having easy API access to the outputs of text and sentiment analytics appended to response data can be critical for incorporation back into data warehouses and external reporting systems. The full CXInsight API is now available for use by CXI customers.

  • Security

    • SSO. We now support organizations with multiple authentication domains.

    • CXInsight. Admin dashboards are now private unless explicitly shared.

  • More

    • Surveys: Externally-triggered in-app surveys now avoid oversampling.

    • Android and iOS SDKs: Performance improvements and bug fixes.

    • Analytics: Fixed issues with timezone bug in Trends tab, segment display in Safari, online/offline response rates.

Zendesk & SurveyMonkey Integrations, Customizing Surveys & More

December 4, 2020

  • Integrations

    • Zendesk bi-directional integration. Trigger surveys upon ticket closure, CSAT data flows back to the ticket record. Learn more.

    • SurveyMonkey Integration (Beta). Machine learning-powered text analytics and reporting on multi-question SurveyMonkey surveys in CXInsight. Learn more.

    • Slack integration enhancement. Route survey responses to private channels in Slack. Learn more.

  • Surveys

    • Customize the entire NPS, CSAT or CES question. For example, you can now change the tense of a question, e.g. “How satisfied were you with the onboarding experience?” Learn more.

    • Email survey reminders. You can now send a reminder email survey to prompt customers who have not responded to your email campaign. Available to Pro Plan users. Reach out to support for assistance.

  • CXInsight Advanced Analytics

    • CXVision. Introducing CXVision, a version of our advanced analytics & reporting platform for customers that do not require machine learning. Learn more.

    • Watchlist Export. Export users and data surfaced by trend change and anomaly reports.

    • Manage dashboards and permissions in settings. Learn more.

    • Custom sentiment analysis models. When needed, InMoment can now develop custom sentiment analysis models to more accurately assign topic and comment sentiment in feedback.

    • Speed. Data from NPS, CSAT & CES survey accounts now appear in CXInsight in near real-time.

    • Inspired by 2020: Text and sentiment analytics model for feedback related to politics is now available.

  • Security

    • Password reset is disabled for all SSO enabled accounts.

    • Email surveys: When using templates or API to send email surveys, you can now choose to block email bots by requiring user validated survey responses. Learn more about this optional setting.

  • More

    • Bug fixes on Android and iOS SDKs

    • Send multiple email survey tests to the same email address.

    • Account-level CX metrics now calculated for multiple survey projects in Salesforce.

Embed a Survey on a Page, Analyze Data by Numeric Range & More

August 24, 2020

  • Embed a survey on a webpage. We can now furnish HTML code for you to adapt, style, and embed on your website or in your app. Learn more.

    Was this page helpful? embedded survey example
  • Email Survey Campaigns. Upload a CSV file to immediately send a one-time campaign. This feature is limited to customers who use only email surveys. Contact support to enable this feature.

  • SDK feature parity for event-based sampling in mobile apps. Android, iOS, and native Segment, too.

  • Filter metrics and feedback by numeric range in dashboard analytics. The example below filters purchases that range from $500 to $999.

integer filter in wootric dashboard
  • Intercom Integration

    • Support Use Case. Analyze NPS and other data by Intercom operator. Webhooks enable you to trigger a survey based on attributes and events in Intercom. Now it is possible to associate data about conversations with responses, such as operator (agent) and conversation closed date. Learn more.

    • Analyze Intercom Messenger survey responses by user cohort. You can now filter by age of user account at the time of last survey response. Learn more.

  • Create reports using date & numeric properties in CXInsight. Add reports to your dashboard such as NPS by Contract Value (number values) or NPS by Purchase Date Cohort (date values). Learn how.

  • SSO: Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) integration with single sign-on.

Tag scoping, Freshdesk integration, Trigger surveys based on URL & More

June 29, 2020

  • Triggering and blocking surveys on a page. You can now configure surveys to trigger based on a location in your product or website, right in your settings. You can also create a global block list that defines pages where the in-app survey should not be shown. All code-free.

  • IOS and Android SDKs now support sampling groups, targeted sampling, and event-based surveys. Sampling groups enable you to run surveys from multiple accounts/projects without having to update code. Learn more about sampling groups and targeted sampling.

  • Webhooks: Outbound webhook calls now support json content type.

  • SSO: We now support single sign-in with Auth0, Ping Identity, OneLogin, and generic SAML. This is in addition to Okta and Google.

  • Freshdesk integration: Trigger a customized survey upon ticket resolution or other events in Freshdesk. Learn more.

  • Intercom trigger mapping: Now you can pass agent name and conversation id as properties via webhooks. Learn more. Note: Trigger-mapping for Messenger surveys is coming soon.

  • integration: “Page” calls are now supported. This is, in addition, to “identify” and “track” calls.

  • CXInsight analytics:

    • Tag scoping: By scoping a text-search or smart tag to specific projects, sources, metric types or tags, you can now limit how tags are applied to feedback. Learn more.

      Tag Scoping feature in Wootric
    • More options for reporting on metrics: choose between highest frequency, highest score, lowest score.

    • Improved rendering speed: Reports now load incrementally on dashboards with multiple reports.

Employee pulse surveys, Route responses to email, Enhancements to CXInsight & More

March 25, 2020

  • Free Employee pulse surveys & analytics
    Developed in response to the coronavirus pandemic, this program enables companies to modify CSAT and CES surveys to gather, analyze, and respond to employee feedback for free. Slack and email notifications included. Companies with more than 200 employee comments can use the CXInsight platform for 6 months for insight into employee sentiment at scale. Details here.

  • Email Surveys: Improved rendering in MS Outlook and on mobile devices.

  • CXInsight Dashboards enhancements:

    • Admins now can customize the expiration time for shared dashboards.

    • Display recent verbatim feedback in dashboards. Learn how here.

Text Analytics reports in Wootric CXInsight
  • New options make it easy to update layout of CXI Reports. For example, easily move a report to the top or bottom of your dashboard.

Moving the placment of a reprot on CXI dash
  • Route new responses to email addresses: This functions much like our Slack integration and is easy to set up. Go to Settings > Integrations > Send Wootric data and select Email. For example, send promoters to marketing, detractors to support or success.

settings page: route survey responses to email addresses
  • Segment Source: Sending your data to is now out of beta and is generally available to all Segment users. This means your survey responses will be available for you to use with marketing tools, analytics tools, data warehouses, and any other destination that accepts event data. In addition, nested end-user properties on are now ignored. Previously they would break the check for survey eligibility.

  • Salesforce: Trigger mapping now allows customizing Email Subject and Email Intro by user language.

  • Self-service account management: Now you can change your survey question e.g. from NPS to CSAT, change account owner, clear your dashboard, or delete an account without contacting support. This is helpful when you want to start fresh after testing. Admins can find these options in Settings > Your Account under Danger Zone.

Survey customers across journey touchpoints, Analyze G2 reviews

February 13, 2020

  • Survey Groups for in-app web and mobile surveys:
    Now, instead of configuring different code snippets in your app, a Sampling Group allows you to link your accounts and deploy any of your surveys to the same customers across journey touchpoints. For example, you may want to show a CES survey after a user onboarding, a CSAT survey after a user has used a new feature, and an ongoing NPS survey to measure overall customer loyalty every 90 days. See more details of the customer journey use case here. To link accounts and create a sampling group, please contact support .

  • Integration:

    • Authentication now supports OAuth. This is a security enhancements required by for all of our new mutual customers. Existing integration connections will continue to work, but we recommend that you initiate OAuth flow from your account settings page.

    • Sources integration: When sending data to Segment, we honor the account settings and do not override user id with email value.

  • Intercom integration: There is new option to not push historical data to Intercom for customers who want to control the number of users in Intercom.

  • CXInsight: G2Crowd review analysis. Understand what your reviewers are saying at scale. Contact support to learn more.

G2 software reveiws analyzed in Wootric CXInsight text and sentiment analytics platform
  • CXInsight enhancements

    • Reports page: improved grouping, search, and layout.

    • Feedback page: All the values are now clickable. This means fewer clicks to narrow down the search results.

    • Dashboard Settings page: This new page makes it easy to delete, update, and rename dashboard names.

  • Wootric TV now honors date ranges across all reports. Learn more about how to use Wootric TV.

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